Ariyah – Don’t Come Back (Short Film)


Don’t Come Back Audio –
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Don’t Come Back (Short Film) –
Music, Lyrics & Screenplay: Ariyah
Directed by Ariyah
Produced by: Rocio Belina Mendez
Executive Producer: Ariyah
DOP: Rocio Belinda Mendez
Editor: Asif Masood
Co Editor: Ariyah
Costumes by: Snog The Frog
Costume Designer: Melanie Adam

Actors in Alphabetical Order –
Cards Room Player Man: Andrew Vial
Staircase Sketching Girl: Ariel Kozelj
Violinist: Armando Gambary
Priest Room Couple / Ballroom Couple Lady: Catherine Ware
Puppeteer: Dale Johnson – Green
Chess Room Lady: Dawn Hogan
Cards Room Watching Lady: Diana Lampard
Cards Room Player Lady:Eleanore Knox
Pianist: Emmanuel Said
Ballroom Staircase Lady: Fern Beth Kleinhans
Ballroom Couple Lady: Fotini Barberakis
Chess Room Man: George Mulis
Cards Room Player Man: Glenn Levett
Juggler: Jasmine Brophy
Ribbons Performer: Jimmy James
Chess Room Man: Keith Stribling
Cards Room Watching Lady: Kim Morrell
Chess Room Lady: Lisa Harricks
Tea Room Lady: Louise Timpson
Cards Room Player Lady: Mary Saldevar
Ballroom Staircase Lady: Melanie Parker
Tea Room Lady: Portia Davids
Ballroom Couple Man: Richard Stark
Priest: Rob Holland
Priest Room Couple/Ballroom Couple Man: Walter Ozarowski
Cloak Extra – Ballroom: Jason Barr
Cloak Extra – Juggler Room – Jessica Holland
Cloak Extra – Juggler Room – Kloud Milas
Cloak Extra – Juggler Room – Sarah Murray
Cloak Extra Ballroom – Sam Barrie

Technical Team & Behind the Scenes –
Lighting Technician / Gaffer: Greg Duncan
Behind The Scenes Stills & Video: Matt Kacey
Production Assistant / Helper/ Runner: Pui Sinaporn
Styling Assistant/ Helper/ Runner: Tauba MacNeill
Helper / Runner: Jason Barr
Ariyah Right Hand: Fotini Barberakis

Make Up Artists-
Ballroom Actors & Ariyah Ball: Pamela Lucarini
Ballroom Actors: Maria Kavalieros
Priest Room Actors & Ariyah Dead Bride: Laura Dhir
Make Up Inspiration: Ariyah

Location: Elizabeth Bay House
Location Inspiration & Design: Ariyah
Ariyah Ball Gown Design: Nasser El Souci
Costume Inspirations: Ariyah
Casting Managers: Ariyah
Rocio Belinda Mendez
Concept & Screenplay: Ariyah

Music Team & Management –
Short Film & Song Music Composition & Lyrics: Ariyah
Audio & Post Production: John Hamilton
Song Music Producer: Joshua F. Williams
Song Mastering: Streaky

Special Thanks –
Family, Friends & Supporters