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A three-time award winning pop artist, Ariyah is a singer, songwriter, concept & screenplay writer, video producer, video director, editor and executive producer of all her work.
Ariyah has been growing in popularity and gaining the attention of the public over the last few years with her melodic and dynamic original pop music and music videos.

Growing up in Sydney Australia, Ariyah first showed strong signs of musical talent at the age of 4 becoming her family’s singing diva. Her parents later enrolled her in a music school when she was 8 where she began playing the piano. The rebellious student would ditch the books and spend much of her time composing her own original music. She would write a lot of poetry initially, but it was only at the age of 15 that she started putting the words and music together and creating her songs.

Ariyah was an extremely talented pianist and even at a very young age, had television and magazine interviews to talk about her fascination with music. The name Ariyah, which was given to her by her elder sister, is said to describe Ariyah perfectly with all the diverse meanings the name holds.

The artist has been creating a real buzz, earning herself 3 song curations and 3 awards with her latest being the “Award of Merit” from the Global Shorts in LA, for her previous short film release “Don’t Come Back”, a stunning trip-hop ballad Ariyah had performed at the World Top DJs Awards 2016 which earned her a standing ovation and much praise after showcasing her gifted vocal ability. Greatly aided by the artistic visuals created for the song, “Don’t Come Back” was written, directed, co-edited and financed by Ariyah.

Her release prior to “Don’t Come Back”, a project she considers extremely dear to heart, was an original Pop/Rock ballad with an uplifting, powerful beat called “Our Home” which features rapper JaiC. “Our Home”, which lays the back drop for Ariyah to deliver a profound message promoting compassion and peace, went on to winning the artist her 2nd award for ‘Best Video/ Song Middle East’ in the female indie-artist category in January 2016.

Prior to Our Home, Ariyah earned herself the ‘Best Debut Female Singer’ award at the World Top DJs Awards in November 2014 for her second original video/ song release, “The Club – DJ AKS remix”, a fun Pop/Dance song with a cartoon video concept which really adds to the defiant lyrics of the song.

Ariyah’s latest work was released on the 14th of February to commemorate Valentine’s Day 2018. This beautiful love song, “You’re The One”, combines the sweetness of melody & lyrics describing that burning flame inside the heart of someone completely and totally in love.

Ariyah combines her passion for music with the power of creative visuals, pushing herself extremely hard to bring her audience a completely new side to her, resulting in a profoundly captivating and perfectly comical music video. The video which was written, directed and edited by the artist, explains that love will always defy all obstacles.

The songwriter continues to work around the clock to finance all her work and can currently be found in the studio working on her new album.

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