Special message from Ariyah:

“A special thanks from the bottom of my heart to everyone who has supported me on my journey and has helped me bring my artistic visions to reality.”

"Ariyah, why do you always refer to yourself in the 3rd person?"

"It keeps me grounded. It keeps things from going to my head. Ariyah is the person in the spotlight, the one on stage and the person in front of the cameras. When all the entertainment and attention dies down, I’m left with an almost reserved and extremely private person that goes home to family and friends. I don’t like mixing the 2. It’s not MPD or DID. It’s a self-protection mechanism that keeps everything in perspective and serves as a reminder for what’s real and what truly matters."

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Ariyah – I’II See You Smiling


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Ariyah I'll See You Smiling Buy

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